Support for SRXL Receiver?

Is there any support for SRXL Receivers like the AR7700 from Spektrum planned in PX4? (Or available and I don’t see it…)
Maybe including the option to read RSSI data?

Actually II’m using the AR7700 PPM Out on my Pixhawk with no issues but limits the to RC 8 channels.
Using a PPM Encoder with a classic Receiver failed badly in the past, related to a very unstable PPM Encoder.
Only using a Spektum Satellite is also not a solution :wink:

Best regads,

Any news on that? I’m trying to connect 2 satellite receivers to the PX4 and I have the AR9030T and would like to avoid using PPM encoder… :slightly_smiling_face:

I´m using SPM4649T (diversity satellite connected via SRXL port), works perfect with reliable range. (probably 9030T´s SRXL port works as well now)
Even with a close installed esp 8266 2.4 G wifi telemetry, the range remains very good.
(attention, it needs 5V instead of the most common 3.3V)
(had lots of bad experience wth 4648 … and gave it a further try)
There also is a voltage sense connector for additional voltage telemetry to the tx.
And since PX4 V1.9.X a continuous rssi readout is usable.