Pixhawk and Spektrum AR9020 Receiver not communicating

I have a Spektrum AR9020 receiver connected to the Pixhawk RC IN port using a PPM Encoder. The receiver is receiving power from pixhawk (as the receiver light is up), and i managed to bind the receiver to my transmitter (Spektrum Dx6) while powering the receiver with pixhawk (Pixhawk is powered with a power module). So i feel that the PPM Encoder is not broken. However, when i check through Mission Planner under radio calibration section, it seems pixhawk is not receiving any signal from the transmitter.
How can i get the transmitter to communicate with pixhawk? Any advice? I have a few questions that may be the reason why it is not working.

  1. Does Spektrum AR9020 gives out PWM signals? As the PPM Encoder needs PWM signals input and gives out PPM signals which is needed by Pixhawk. So, maybe the receiver is actually giving out PPM signals? I cant seem to find out what type signal this receiver is giving out.
  2. Is there a settings of Pixhawk that i may need to change? Like maybe activate the RC IN port or something through Mission Planner?
  3. Is it really just a simple connection? (eg plug in receiver to ppm encoder, the plug ppm encoder to pixhawk RC IN, then bind). Or is there more to it?
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Hi Han_Han

  1. AR9020 does not output PPM. Unfortunately. A PPM encoder is needed.

  2. Usually automatic in PX4 or Arducopter.

  3. Very easy, AR9020 is connected to PPM Encoder, PPM Encoder to Flight Controller. Just a few things here and there to get it working, like enabling the 5V to supply the receiver, etc.

One advise, the AR9020 absolutely need a minimum of 2 sat receivers to work properly, one is not sufficient.



Usually there is a LED on the PPM Encoder. This LED should usually be in a steady state indicating that there are valid PWM Signals available.

May i know how do I enable the 5V supply?

usually it is a small solder drop that has to be added on ppm converter… If you tske a picture it would help a lot.

Hi, this is the image of the ppm encoder i am using. I can see the +5V there but i am not sure what to do with it.


Manual is here.

This one looks OK, I think there is no need to solder anything, it will work directly.




Well its working now! After i installed the two satellite receivers to the Spektrum AR9020, i can control the plane with my transmitter. Thanks a lot pturcotte! You have been a great help to me. :slight_smile:

My pleasure! :slight_smile: