Suggest Radio telemtry


Kindly suggest a long range and highly efficient radio telemetry that is compatible with the Pixhawk
cos I am using the Piksi with Pixhawk followed by GPS injection too.

Have you seen this video? We’ve integrated with the u-Blox NEO M8P which is a very tightly integrated and low-cost RTK solution:

Thats super cool
Any documentation on integrating it with Pixhawk ?

Have you done any precison landing tests with the rtk gps ?
If yes, pls share

Hi Lorenz,

That is very nice.

Will be there a documentation for it soon?


Hi Francis,

Luckily, we did precison landing test recently, using dual-frequency RTK. What is your applications? I can share more information if you have interests. Free free to drop me an email and mention this forum.;


I am very interested in precision landing, I am trying to use
the HERE+ RTK but it only reports and accuracy of 8 m ?