Stream from HDMI input

Dear all,
I am trying to get inside QGC the streaming of a camera (Blackmagic Micro 4K) which comes inside of the pc through an HDMI input, which is given from a GPU Avermedia HDC985.

QGC detects the Avermedia HDMI input and propose it among the streaming option, but the video remains black and nothing else show up. I tried also to create an UDP stream with the HDMI input and reading it inside QGC with the UDP streaming option, but I get the same result.

I suspect the problem could be the HDCP protection, but I’m not sure and I don’t know how to be sure that the problem is this.

Do you have any suggestions? Does QGC have problems with HDCP? Is it possible to disable it somehow?


Have a look at OpenHD

Thank you Barry for your answer. It seems that OpenHD works with WIFI, but I think it is not the best solution for me: I am dealing with an underwater vehicle, and the video is coming to my ground station with a cable.

Does anyone use HDMI input with QGC? Which stream format does it accept?
With USB wecams I have no problems and everything goes smooth. But when I used HDMI input does not: looking at the console output I get this error linked to the video:

[E] at :0 - “Failed to get the video control”
[E] at :0 - “Invalid viewfinder settings”
[!] at :0 - “[0x0] Failed to configure preview format (Operation completed)”
[E] at :0 - “Failed to get the video control”

It seems that the problem is not caused by DHCP protections, because the stream remains black even if I connect to the HDMI input the desktop output.

The same problem happen even if the input is taken from a GPU featuring a coaxial SDI input coming from the camera.