Strange GPS Jamming

A few days ago my QAV 250 with the Pixhawk 4 mini started having this strange GPS interference (almost looks like a square wave). I built it about a month ago (my first drone) and its never had this problem before. So far this is what I’ve tried for fixing the issue:

  1. Flew the drone at a different location several miles away
  2. mounted the GPS on a 5in stand above the frame
  3. Tried a different GPS that has worked fine in the past
  4. Unplugged the telemetry board (the only antenna that is on the front of the vehicle with the GPS) and flew using the transmitter only

The GPS jamming indicator plots look almost identical for each flight, despite the changes I made. Up until today there weren’t any negative effects in the flight performance due to this strange GPS behavior.

However, today there was a failure that I think may be connected to the GPS issue. The issue happened during a planned mission with the message “EFK barro hgt timeout- reset to barro”. The drone started oscillating between full thrust and minimal thrust and I had to abort the mission. I’m pretty much out of ideas, so any advice or help would be appreciated!

Test 2 Crash.pdf (2.0 MB)