Mini + PX4 crash on mission mode -- help?

Hey all,

Have a quadcopter that slammed into a brick wall on Mission mode this morning and I’m having trouble figuring out why. I think it might be a problem with the GPS? GPSP is cut off, KML file is cut off, but uncertainty seems fine though there is a lot of jamming. It acted strangely just before it accelerated, looping around, dipping to the ground (but reached the take off point?). Looks like pix isn’t responding to the position set points (if that wasn’t clear) & yaw seems to be weird. Mag & vibrations (before it takes off wildly) look fine, I think. RC.C3 does something weird, but I don’t know why. Also don’t know why there is no power data (could this just be a loose battery connex?)

I’m flying with a Pixhawk mini and PX4 on an f450 frame with qgroundcontrol on a quadcopter with 30A turnigy ESCs. I also had a Go Pro attached for the first time. I flew one successful mission this morning before this happened.

This is the second time I’ve seen this set up crash in this fashion – where on mission mode, the drone reaches the takeoff point but never reaches takeoff altitude, and then accelerates forward, not necessarily in the direction of the next waypoint.

Here’s a link to the flight muncher log with the crash:
Here’s the successful earlier mission (low battery, but did what it needed to) for comparison:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.