Strange behaviour in ground testing / Joystick controlls on VTOL Tailsitter

Hi all,

I´m currently trying to build a VTOL-Tailsitter in a configuration just like the Caipiroshka from Team Blacksheep.

After some time spent with QGCS, I stumbled upon some problems…

  1. How exactly is a transition “started”? It´s probably important to mention, that I´m currently only using a joystick and no R/C at all -> I can´t assign a joystick “channel” to the “transition-switch”?!
    1.a Just switching from one mode to the other doesn´t do the trick?(Switching from MC to FW in flight?)

  2. I think I read, that you can´t assign a killswitch to a joystick… Is that info currently correct?

  3. Probably the biggest problem. After wiring everything up, the behaviour of the drone in MC mode doesn´t seem to be correct(see logs attached).
    -> When slowly raising the throttle, the drone tries to yaw very hard and slides on the ground in random directions(see log no 1)
    -> When held in one hand, well, it just goes completely berserk. The reactions of the plane don´t seem to make it more stable, but exactly the opposite(see log no 2).

I´m grateful for any help…

Log no 1:

Log no 2:

@TimKaiser still need help?