Spektrum AR8010T telemetry receiver setup with Pixhawk4

Hey all,

Setup: I have a Spektrum AR8010T telemetry receiver and a pixhawk4. I connected DSM/SBUS RC port pins (on px4) to the SRXL pins (on AR8010T), The AR8010T doesn’t power up.

  1. I wanted to know is my setup correct in terms of connection.
  2. How to connect AR8010T with pixhawk4.

Thank You

The telemetry port has power on it and normally will power the receiver
Perhaps this receiver will not take power on the this output port.
You will need to make other arrangement to power the receiver,

Thanks for the reply @jimdgit. Can you tell on which port does the AR8010T should receive power?, I’ve tried to supply it power on the FLT PK VOLT port but it doesn’t work.


AR8010tT has a dedicated power input pin named as “BATT” at the Row-2 . “FLT PK VOLT” is to measure voltage which is compatible for up to 14S Li-Po.