Some questions about CCPM.main.mix

Hi, everyone
I have some questions about the CCPM.main.mix .

  1. Output 4 - Motor speed mixer
    Dose is only control the motor speed ? Or it also control the Collective?
    What index to use here? 4? Why?
  2. What is the difference between the CCPM.main.mix and blade 130.main.mix? except the angle.

CPPM uses a separate channel (4) for throttle. This is separated from collective pitch.

blade 130 uses a throttle and collective curve, both linked channel 3

Bart, thank you for your reply.
In your words, CCPM uses channel(0,1,2) control the attitude and collective pitch? channel(4) just control the throttle ( Motor speed )?
In addition, where does the control input of channel 4 come from? I just find the control input of channel 0 ,1 ,2 in Firmware\src\modules\mc_att_control\mc_att_control_main.cpp.
If you know ,please tell me, thank you very much.

I think if you configure a rotary knob or a switch as flaps. See I didn’t check in the code.

I used the engine speed as flaps before, but I am worried that there is already flaps in other places where I didn’t notice.
Thank you for your reply.