[solved] Pixracer and AUX RC Passthrough for gimbal setup

Hi there !
I tried a lot of things but I don’t manage to make it work !
I try to setup a 2-axis gimbal on my Pixracer on a ZMR250 X quadcopter. The goal is to use outputs 5 and 6 (as 1-4 are used by my motors) in order to control my gimbal from 2knobs of my TX16S. I would like to setup PWM outputs.

I tried different options : setting “AUX1 Passthrough RC channel”, setting the “mount” section in the parameters…
But the output of servo5 and servo6 are stuck at 1500, although I am able to see the RC channels input moving when I move the knobs.

Do I miss one step ? Maybe there is something to do with mixer files ? But it’s so complicated I didn’t understand how it works…

Do you have some ideas ? Thanks a lot !

Ok so after a lot of digging and tries, here what I did in order to make it work (it seems to work I didn’t test it actually didn’t destroy anything, but the gimbal works ^^).
So, as my mixer is “zmr250.main.mix” file, I created a file with this name on my sdcard, in “etc/mixers” folder (so you can see it as /fs/microsd/etc/mixers on the FC itself) :

R: 4x 7654 10000 10000 0
M: 1
S: 3 5 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000
M: 1
S: 3 6 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000

I had also set the AUX1&AUX2 Passthrough RC channel according to the RC channels of my knobs.

And now I can see the PWM output it varying according to the position of my knobs.

Brilliant !