Small setup issue

Hello there, I am new to the PX4 and am coming over by jumping the DJI ship. Just a short history, I’ve been messing with RC since the early sixties and drones about 3 years, I have a part 107 and last fall bought a preowned but unfinished DJI S800, ( i’ve also got 2 P3’s and just sold an Inspire 1). I also purchased a DJI A2 used, however no matter what I did the 800 would always tilt over on launch. After several resets and recalibrating, I gave up. The A2 is discontinued and just old. I opted for the Pixhawk 2.4.8 and while it has been a little bumpy I’ve got everything almost ready for a test flight attempt. The best thing was finding the Q groundcontrol software, it is much more user friendly which is great for an old grump like me! Here are my two obstacles. For the life of my I cannot find where to input the offsets for my controller and GPS, I know I have to do it but cannot figure out WHERE in Q groundcontrol to input the dimensions and are the X,Y,Z parameters the same as DJI??? Now here is my super quandry I have set up the accelerometer twice, thinking the first was wrong, I was very careful to orient the aircraft as depicted onscreen BUT when I run through my preflight. (inside without props) when I stand behind the craft and bank right the horizon onscreen banks left and visa-versa. What am I looking at wrong??? Any help is deeply appreciated !!!

You can read through this. But of all intents and purposes, from my personal experience, you can get away without that precision.

The line is actually depicts the artificial horizon, so when the aircraft banks to the right, the horizon will be tilted to the left. Check out this AI from 2:35.

The tilting over issue is usually caused by incorrect prop rotation or prop location. Check then double check. Make sure it spins exactly as the diagram says. I’ve learned to actually touch the motor casing (while at idle with props off on the bench), just to make double sure it’s spinning correctly (ask me how I know, LOL). Then making sure that the leading edge of the prop is facing the rotation direction.

Good luck.

Thanks for the tips, I don’t know why the horizon looks wrong I should know this. As for the component location I’ll give it a shot. Now for the props…oh it was checked, double and triple checked. On the final attempt with the A2 I even used my an anemometer under each prop to check. Still wanted to launch like she was drunk. That is when I decided not to trust the DJI.