Skid steering rover recommendations

I’m going to build a boat with differential steering soon using a Pixhawk 4 and Arupilot. In order to get familiar with the hardware and software I thought I would first build a rover, easier to chase it around a parking lot than a lake if something goes wrong. As the boat will be differential steering I want to use a skid steer rover but not sure which one, and is track or wheel better.

I have seen the Devastator by DFRobot, looks like a good one, reasonably priced. Most videos I’ve seen use the L298N motor driver, can I use that with a Pixhawk. If not, or I’m sure it would be better with ESC’s, would like to swap out the brushed motors for brushless but that might not really be necessary.

So that’s what I’m looking for recommendations for a rover platform using differential steering.