Siyi MK15 QGC video

I have a siyi MK15 + r1M camera and A2 camera on an arduboat FC.

The video streaming work with both camera and I can see the video in QGC android but there is no way to record anything in the normal QGC folder. Can someone explained me what make this so difficult to do? I mean, the video signal reach the MK15 receiver (after travelling wireless over long distance), is then showed in QGC as a live stream and after all this hard work is accomplish, still not be able to be stored somewhere! I mean, at this point, the video is somewhere in the hand controller. Recording should not be so difficult but apparently is! I would like to understand what is going on.

At the moment, Siyi camera can only record on a sd card on the camera device. So not only the video stream travel to the hand unit but we also need to send a “record” signal back to drone and camera to start a record. Non-sense! It is possible to take picture and they are timestamp and stored properly in QGC folder. This at least work, but storing video of the same camera feed don’t!

Enlighted me please :slight_smile:

Yes, correct. Recording needs to be activated on the camera itself.
SIYI have in fact a custom made QGC version which has a recording button on main screen to activate recording.

The QGC integrated recording function is based on gstreamer. Now I’m not a professional in regards to that, but my understanding is because of the fact that we are dealing with a rtsp video stream the recoding function is not working with that type.

One consideration in all that is the fact that in live transmission you always have the risk of signal dropout or brief interference which impacts on quality of video recording. But recoding straight to SD card assures best possible quality.

In regards to live recording on the receiving end I’ve been using “Simple Screen Recorder” - (I’m on Linux) Similar software is available for Windows and Android.
In that way you can decide if to record just the actual video or the whole screen, which I find useful in the event of any problems and also shows me current location and flight-modes.