SITL multiple run how to connect flight simulator

I want to do multiple planes in SITL using PX4 using this file:

Two instances of PX4 are started but reach this line:

Please start the flight simulator to proceed…

I want to connect to these two px4 sitl instances using dronekit scripts…but it is telling me I need to start a gazebo…How do I create either two gazebos, or even better one gazebo with both planes?


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Hello, this problem also plagued me for a long time, if the solution to the trouble to reply to me ok, of course, I know the solution will reply to you, we together to refuel.

Hey I got it working with copters using this example but not planes.

hi you can look at this.

Thank you first, Is this your own compile? Does i need to download your code?

Yes finally there is an open issue to solve our problem. Looks like we could follow this for the solution!

To find a teammate with a common goal is an exciting thing, I think we can continue to keep in touch, share the next progress, I also saw your reply to github, my e-mail address:

Can you tell me your email address, I will contact you, have recently made new progress.