SITL Gazebo Links Frames and Transformations

Is there any comprehensive tutorial defining and explaining all the model links, frames, and transforms used in px4-gazebo-sitl stack?

For example:
in px4_config.yaml

  1. For the various published poses (global_position, local_position, etc), what do the
  • frame_id
  • child_frame_id
  • global_frame_id
    mean and how do they relate to the simulated world in Gazebo
  1. why is there a separate frame_id definition under “tf:”
  2. how these poses can be used to provide transformations between frames

How to write urdf files and use plugins to properly define links and frames that actually correspond to the models in the Gazebo simulation?

In what frames does the mavros controller interpret the various setpoint_positions
From the sparse documentation

  • What do “Global frame”, “Local frame”, etc mean? (diagrams would help)
  • how do they correspond to the poses (global_position, local_position, etc) published by the same mavros node?
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