How does SITL with Gazebo work?

Hello All,
I’d like to understand the internal working of SITL. I’ve gone through this Simulation · PX4 Developer Guide

I’d like to know what are the things that need to be done to achieve a successful SITL simulation for a new airframe. Is there a step wise documentation somewhere? If not, please help me.

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You should give some information on what is not working with your SITL. It’s going to be hard to help otherwise

Hi @Katawan,
I’m just seeking a step wise approach for having the SITL simulation running. I and others can use it like a checklist to be sure that nothing has been missed in the process.

As for the problem that I’m facing, it is here Gazebo SITL fails with QGroundControl.

@Katawan I don’t understand how the control outputs are allocated to the rotors and control surfaces in Gazebo? Is it derived from the toml file or is it from the sdf file? Are they cross checked before launching the simulation? What would happen if the order or control channel number was not matching?

I need to understand this to be able to debug my model which is not flying.

@Katawan @LorenzMeier I’m facing unusual issues with SITL could you please help me determine what is wrong and how to fix.