SITL for Tricopter

I’m trying to create a SITL simulation on Gazebo for a tricopter (BoomCopter with tilt rotor).

I’m not sure what plugins to use for the motor. In the IRIS.sdf model, they have used front_right_motor_model, back_right_motor_model and so on. Can I use the same even though I have only one back motor? how is front_right_motor_model different from back_right_motor_model ?

Is there an existing Tricopter model for SITL which I can use for reference?

Hi, @ganeshrk95,
front_right_motor_model, back_right_motor_model, etc are just names of the instance of a motor model.
You can use it ‘as it is’ as far as the control channel is defined properly.
I am also trying to simulate a tiltrotor but facing issues in getting the motor connected to tilt mechanism started. Looks like a motor cannot have two control inputs at the same time.
If anyone has a solution to this, please help me out.