Cannot switch to Position mode automatically after executing a trajectory

Hi, all,

I am using PX4 flight stack 1.10.1 stable and mavros to execute a trajectory. I sampled the setpoints from a trajectory and publish them to the ros topic /mavros/setpoint_position/local. The trajectory was executed well, but I run into failsafe enable: no offboard error at the end (the error is reasonable because I stopped sending setpoints).

At the end of trajectory execution, I just stopped sending setpoint but the vehicle was still armed. I expected it will switch to Position mode, however, it turned out to be altitude mode. Here is the parameters related to offboard:

And my flight log is here.

I want the vehicle to get into Position mode after quitting Offboard mode . Could anybody help me with that? Any help will be of great appreciation.

@tianyu You need to be continuosly streaming the setpoints within the timeout (0.5s) in order to stay in offboard mode

Hey @Jaeyoung-Lim Thanks for your attention. I do know the point you mentioned. But can I get into position mode after the loss of offboard control. Please note the parameter COM_OF_RC_ACT is set to Position mode and I expected it should switch to Position mode. However, it switched into Altitude mode after many times’ experiments