[SITL]Adding Servo to Iris for a custom airframe

Hey, I would like to add a servo to iris. The servo will rotate a significant mass and affect the flight of the UAV, so I have a custom controller that I would also like to implement.
I’m having difficulty making a custom airframe for this, and I’m unsure where to integrate the code for my controller.

Any help is much appreciated

edit: Some more information
I already have a modified sdf for iris with a joint where I want my servo motor to be. Now, I’m looking for a way to control this joint. Currently, SITL works with the joint freely rotating.

If there is any information on adding a servo to the sdf file, along with an appropriate plugin.
Or even how to make plugins for the same, which would be a major step forward.

Hi @pyromania99,

I’m attempting to do the same thing in gazebo classic. Have you taken a look at the PX4_Autopilot/PX4-SITL_gazebo-classic/models/typhoon_h480 model which includes a gimbal camera with servos as well as a plugin to control said servos?

I’m working with gazebo-classic as well, I’ve checked those out, but they seemed somewhat specific to typhoon, I’ll try working in that direction.


@pyromania99 please post your updates as I’m working on this in parallel, would be great to follow your progress!

I’ll be sure to post here too if/when I get my servo to work.