How to create Custom aircraft configuration with SITL

I was exploring possibilities of creating a custom multirotor configuration/geometry and test it with Simulation environment. Basically I want to change motor’s position and mix the control inputs accordingly. May I know which simulation environment can support custom aircraft configuration?
I tried to configure motor position from QGC but no success because my aircraft geometry is lil weird.

In conclusion I just want to know how to introduce a new mutirotor and visualise the data using simulator(for e.g. jmavsim gazebo etc) and QGC.

Any help would be appreciated.


You can do this in Gazebo, but it is not enough to just modify the motors in QGC. You also need to create a corresponding SDF file for the drone, otherwise the Gazebo model won’t react correctly to the control signals. I don’t know if there is a good guide to it somewhere, but the main idea is following this guide and then creating your own sdf file on top of that. For creating the sdf file, I would go take a look at the iris.sdf file and modify it accordingly to what you need.
Hope this helps at least getting in the correct direction.