Single Switch option for Hold mode ( for emergencies)


I’d like to be able to switch to HOLD mode quickly in an emergency, ideally by flicking a switch that is only used for that. This is now the case for RETURN, but there are many cases where RETURN is not the right option (there might be a tree in the return path for example)

Currently HOLD only works if my main switch is in AUTO mode (if I have HOLD in a different channel to Stabilized/Main) or if I have a switch with multiple positions and then it’s one of many options STABILIZED/ASSIST/MISSION/HOLD

My Taranis Radio has only 3 switch positions, and I find using an analog dial too prone to error so can’t really use the option of sharing a switch ( STABILIZED/ASSIST/MISSION/HOLD)

What are my options?

I think this was discussed here, but not sure what was implemented finally.


You can do this by using a Special Function to over ride the channel you are using to control the flight mode.
When your switch to force hold is in the desired position, use the “Override CHX” to set hold mode by putting the output value in the Parameter for that Special Function that sets Hold. I also recommend that you assign another Special Function that plays a track to announce this.

Thank you, that’s a cool Workaround

I had to re-read your message a number of times, but finally figured out that you where suggesting using OpenTx in my Taranis radio to add a special function that would override the channel I was using… ( nifty trick, I had no idea you could do that).

I am using CH5 to set the mode /STAB/ASSIST/AUTO/HOLD
As Taranis only has 3 switch position I have used switch SA for STAB/ASSIST/AUTO
I have changed the range of that switch from -100 to 75% so that I can override it to 100 with SF
and SF becomes now the single switch HOLD

For the benefit of others these are the screens I’ve used in OpenTx:

This will work fine for me.

I would still prefer having the feature to add a single Switch for Hold Mode directly in PX4 at some point though.

Glad it was helpful. Adding the play track is helpful, as it is easy to forget.
Sorry I did not consider you might not have done anything like this - welcome to Taranis hacking!

  • Consider adding the 6 position switch mod to your radio.
  • Are you using flight modes to display your flight mode? The title of the flight mode shows up on the display and is helpful. You can also make it display something like FRC HOLD when your force hold switch is active.
    Hint: You may have to create Logical Switches to set the Flight Mode.
    As for adding this as a feature to the firmware, I can see your point, but I can also see this as a rabbit hole for the firmware devs in that each individual would want some variation of this feature. It makes some logical sense too in that the code is just saying “select a flight mode”, but how you do that is up to you. You would need to look at other channels, where as we solved this just using the same one channel.

You’re referring to the Flight modes option on the radio itself ?

I haven’t no, to be fair I can hardly keep my eyes of the MC, so not sure I’d be able to even see it … but I’ll give it a go, specially if there is audio message associated?

As an aside as you seem to be quite familiar with the Taranis, do you use the fr-sky telemetry output from the Pixhawk to display info on the radio?

I have used telemetry but not with pixhawk. If you can get this working, there are lua scripts that will give you a mini GPD display. I have an FrKsy battery monitor that I use.

Take a look at this:


I believe the pixahawk will output SPORT telemetry, so I don’t think you need the converter, but you can use the LUA scripts plus it is a great resource for understanding telemetry on your radio…
As for voice announcement of flight mode, just make a Special Function like you already did based on the switch position.
Same for flight modes - just put the text you want and the switch positions for the modes.