Takeoff problems in Gazebo simulator


I am running gazebo simulator with default iris drone in it by executing make px4_sitl gazebo command.
When I try to send the takeoff command through MAVSDK, the drone behaves weirdly. While taking off the drone makes a full 360 rotation around z axis, sometimes part of this rotation is made while one of the drone feet is still touching the ground.
Hopefully this can be seen in the logs: https://logs.px4.io/plot_app?log=d162716d-8d70-45fb-87fe-14e70d3043e4

Could anyone explain to me what is happening here, and how can I prevent it.

I must mention that I am using the EKF2_AID_MASK value of 24 and feeding drone position via visionPositionEsitmate message.
The position itself is obtained directly from Gazebo simulation.
Before sending the obtained position, it is converted form gazebo reference frame (assuming right hand coordinate system, x red, y green, z blue) to PX4 FRD coordinate system (x forward, y right, z down).
To obtain the coordinate in FRD system I leave x as is, and chage the sign of y and z. I do the same with the quaternion x,y,z components. Maybe there is some problem in the way I provide the vision position to the drone? I ask this because in the first graph of the logs it can be seen that the GPS projected and Groundtruth trajectories are shifted 90deg around z axis, and I have no explanation on why that is the case.

What exactly is Yaw FF Setpoint, and where does it come from?
Any suggestions on why the yaw setpoint and Yaw FF Setpoint is the way it is are appreciated.