I’ve (mostly) integrated a custom sim as a new SIH, but since I like to debug is SITL, I’d like to run that way, first. Alas, modules init but never run. I believe the problem is SITL expects simulator_mavlink to be a lockstep time source. I’m not quite sure how SIH does it, but maybe expects a real timer, since it runs on HW, normally. ATM, my special config has neither.

I’ll just complete the integration on the HW, as SIH was intended. However, it seems like I’m close with the SIH-in-SITL config, if someone can give me a hint.

All I had to do, for my immediate purpose, was set(ENABLE_LOCKSTEP_SCHEDULER no) at the bottom of my boards/px4/sitl/mysih.cmake. I don’t care about lockstep scheduling, for now.

@dagar pointed out this this PR, by @Romain_Chiappinelli, and the comments lead to a solution, for me. Thanks, guys!

awesome! Can you show me what mysih.cmake looks like?

All I did was add the set(ENABLE_LOCKSTEP_SCHEDULER no) directive, which is what I learned from your PR.