SITL Airframe with "none" Simulator in Makefile After 2022 Build Changes?

Hi everyone,

My custom xplane bridge is talking, but I’m having difficulties getting control allocation for an airframe to work in my build. The information in the issues I’ve found on the forums and github is out of date, still expecting “make px4_sitl none_iris”, which allows an airframe to be specified with “none” simulator.

This doesn’t work anymore; how do I get it to load an airframe, but let it link to a simulator using a simple mavlink bridge? I think this may be the last thing I need to get this running. I’m still new to the PX4 build architecture, so help would be appreciated while I try to continue figuring this out myself. :slight_smile:

I ended up somewhat solving this myself. It appears all I have to do is set the PX4_SIM_MODEL environment variable externally and it will pick up my airframe configs. Now I just have to figure out why it’s barfing on bad accel 0 and gyro 0 and all the imu data being sent to ID 0 is being remapped to 3…

We’re almost flying in xplane again. :smiley:

i have similar issue - after a “fresh” sitl build - the airframe is “none” - i need to reset and select vtol airframe again does anybody has an advice?