Should I modify the dronekit-python code?


I have a question. previously I use “ardupilot” on the pixhawk, and I have done the dronekit-python code as user app. now I want to use px4 instead of ardupilot, can I use previous dronekit-python code that used with ardupilot transplant to companion computer, if do ,should I modify the dronekit-python code?

Thanks a lot in advacne


It should work the same, have you tried it yet? Is there a problem?

Curious, why the switch?


I am sorry, I have no time to test it. they said px4 autopilot is better than ardupilot, so I am wondering try it.


If you don’t mind me asking, who is “they”?

sorry for the delay reply.

I saw some post in other forum that recommend using px4 replace of ardupilot


Do you have a link? Could have just been a bad experience that could be addressed easily.