Setup vehicle with out rc receiver?


am building my first drone and trying to understand how things work.

I only want to send the drone for mission no manual flight , i got the s500 v2 holybro kit and it comes with 2 telemetry radios .

Can i send it to missions like that; with out an rc receiver and rc sticks?

When i launch qgroundcontrol i cannot setup up the Flight Modes , because it writes i need to setup the Radio and i cant setup the radio because i get a msg QGroundcontrol “Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4 you need at least 5 channels” not sure if that means that i need an other rc control FrSky or if i made a mistake in some other configuration.

Any guidance would be much appreciated ,


No it would be too dangerous.
If you are in the US FAA would not allow that you must be able to take manual control.
Probably other reasons too.
In any event there is no way to set up without the RC.

Thank you for clarifying that Jim!

Why would it be too dangerous? You set the COM_RC_IN_MODE to 1 and off you go. I have flown many times using joystick control via the telemetry link.

Yeah, but you had control, sort of. FAA would not be pleased.

Can i set the drone to mission like that ?

Hello, you must first make the initial settings such as pid settings and be completely sure of it. Disable radio control input setting and enter the mission stage
Good luck :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking, you can set it up without an RC. You can enable the virtual joystick but this is HIGHLY not recommended. I mean very very much not something I would do, especially while learning.

Is it possible? Yes, but should you do it while learning? Definitely not.

My goal is to take pictures and do orthomosaic , i never flown a drone and i dont want to fly a drone manually, it sounds safer to have it on automatic missions rather than me crashing it into trees or what not.
What are the PID settings?

Thanks again for your replies much appreciated!

Do as much as you can for the first test of a flight with radio control.
To see if your vehicle has the right balance (flight without vibration). If the flight with radio control was without problems and did not require pid settings
You can assign the flight mission to autopilot

I think this method is safe

You need to learn how to fly a drone, period.
You need to be able to take manual control if for example if an aircraft should be near.
You will end up crashing anyway as programmed missions are dumb.

An alternative solution (if you wanna tinker) would be like what PX4 1.12 on Scorpion 80 HD whoop (w. Mamba f405 mini mk2) - #8 by taileron mentioned. BUT PLEASE GET AN RECEIVER thats the basic component of flight stack.

  1. Get a ESP01 or the ESP8266, or a wifi module, you can flash ArduPilot firmware : /Tools/MAVESP8266/2019-01-23 with GitHub - espressif/esptool: Espressif SoC serial bootloader utility to the board.
  2. Connect your phone to the pixracer wifi address.
  3. Download QGroundControl on iphone or android.
  4. Enable Virtual Joystick read more over here Virtual Joystick (PX4) · QGroundControl User Guide
  5. Use arm/disarm and change mode over QGC, and please check functionality first before flying.

Thank you all for your replies and advices, for the record i was mostly curious and i did end up setting it up “correctly” .
Best wishes!