Setup MAVLINK as RC Protocol

Hello everyone,

I would like to use the MAVLINK Protocol to use TELEM2 as my RC input.
Hardware: TBS Nano RX with TBS Mambo.
I managed to set it up on ardupilot already, so the wiring and TX setup should be perfectly fine, but no matter what I do in PX4 I get the error message “Radio Not Ready” and “Please turn on transmitter” in the Radio setup tab:

My configuration so far:
SER_TEL2_BAUD set to 115200

In the Documentation I find the RC_PORT_CONFIG parameter which sounds relevant as well, but I cannot find it in QGroundControl. I am using version 1.14.3.
Why is that? I would appreciate your help.


What board are you using?
You could also try finding the parameter via Mavlink Console

I am using a cubepilot cubeorangeplus.

Okay, I figured out that in order to enable RC_PORT_CONFIG I need to build my own custom firmware and activate a driver, so I can modify the parameter.

The problem remains however. Has anybody ever set up MAVLINK as RC Protocol?
What parameters do you use?