Setpoint_raw type mask explain

I am quite confused on how to set the type_mask for the setpoint_raw/local topic, which uses the mavros_msgs/PositionTarget message. If I want to control vx and yaw rate in the body frame (frame_id = 8), it seems like I need to mask out all the other variable like px,py,pz,ax,ay,az, etc…
Then what should I put for the type mask in:

raw_cmd = PositionTarget()
raw_cmd.type_mask = ???
raw_cmd.header.frame_id = "base_footprint"
raw_cmd.header.stamp =
raw_cmd.coordinate_frame = 8

You can check the message definition of PositionTarget to see the IGNORE_FOO names. Then in the code you can create your mask either using the numbers or accessing the ignore names from the PositionTarget class.

You can then create the mask using the bitwise OR with either the numbers or the names ( ex. 1 | 2 | 4…). If you prefer you can define it in binary (example to use vx, vy, vz, vyaw -> 0b0000011111000111)