Set specific host for mavlink Px4-Autopilot repo

Ok so my issue is that i want to make a simulation where, i give command to the drone using mavsdk, but it want it to be on a ip address (non localhost) so in order to do that i have gone through the documentation and find out that there are different ways to archive this, and one of the option was to specify in the various config file where mavlink start is called to add the -t parameter with the ip_of_the_host, but the issue is that it provide just one single file as an example (that i have modified without any luck), and do not tell which are the others; does any of you guys know how can i archive my goal or eventually what are the other config file that i have to modify?


OK so i was able to set mavlink for not working only on localhost, but i am not able to get any reply when i use mavsdk for enstablishing a connection when i specify the ip address ( while when i use the localhost works). For setting up mavlink i’ve followed the following : Cannot enable MAV_{i}_BROADCAST