Ip address for multiple UAVs for mavlink communication

There is a way to modify the ip address of UAVs creating a net of drones with MavLink as protocol of communication?
I need to create a network between UAVs for implement a swarm behavior. How can I generate drones with different ip address?

you can configure them on wifi-telem module
there is nothing to do on px4 side

Ok thanks, there is a way to use it in a simulation environment like gazebo?

I’ve solved using the mavlink param MAV_BROADCAST. But now I have another problem, when I spawn others UAVs they spawn all with the same IP address. How can i change it?


check out this link if you’re running on one computer you have to configure different UDP port for each drone

The problem is another, I’ve already spawned multi UAVs with different MAV_ID but i need to spawn they with different IP_address for connect they each others

yes and you should read the link more carefully