Service Launch - Easily Run Independent Flight Log Analysis

I’m part of the small founding team that developed an online service for processing IMU sensor data. It wraps a number of sensor fusion libraries we’ve developed and makes them easily usable from the browser. A number of folks use PX4 for work and hopefully this can be useful to them. I know being a paid service isn’t ideal for personal/student projects but if cost is the only barrier then please do contact us. We shared an announcement on ROS Discourse and I wanted to do the same here. allows you to easily process IMU data (e.g. accels, gyros, mags - or a subset) into orientation like yaw, pitch, roll. You can upload data, run it through the sensor-fusion engines, and download results all from your browser.

Why Useful to PX4 Community
This complements the PX4 toolchain by having an independent way to process the sensor data when troubleshooting. And to do so without installing anything or learning yet another software stack. Today we support generic csv/txt and rosbag files. The service adapts to any units/naming convention. If there is interest, we could add direct support for PX4 .bin files.

We launched the service with orientation/attitude processing and want suggestions for other sensor processing tasks where an independent online service would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Here’s the direct link to try it out: Cloud Computing for Motion Sensors | IMU Engine

Cool project! Just curious about this front, so what value can it bring to the PX4 users, are there concrete examples?

Thanks @junwoo0914. Consider this use case: You did 6 flights and have the PX4 .bin files stored in a Google Drive folder. To study the flight outcomes you want to use a cleaner and more accurate post-processed flight trajectory. So you go to, paste the link to your folder, and run the post-processing engine. The service sequentially loads and processes each flight log and within minutes you (1) see plots of the post-processed flight trajectory in your browser and (2) download the results and proceed with your analysis in whatever software. There also is a “share” link which you can give to team members. They too can look at the results in the browser and/or download the processed results.

Oh gotcha, so it’s for analyzing flight trajectory / IMU data, I guess this can be used for tuning? But can’t think of use cases myself yet!