Forward PX4 messages to QGC via Jetson TX2 as companion computer

I’m trying to elimante the MAVLink antenna from my copter setup. To archive this I want to use the WLAN provided by my companion computer to send the MAVLink messages to QGC.
Is this possible and if yes how does it work?

You need to connect uart (TX/RX/GRD) on the FC to TX2 serial TX/RX/GRD. Setup your linux/ubuntu os and install mavproxy on it. Then make sure you use the same baudrate, 960K works great for streaming logs and more. Route udp to uart/serial pins.

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You can also follow the more generic setup in the PX4 companion computer documentation.

This suggests using a USB UART module, which is redundant given the built in UART on the jetson TX2, but may be simpler if you are unfamiliar with its use.