Integration of Pixhawk with Simulator Flight Controls

Hi everyone. I am currently trying to build a single seated quadrotor for my undergraduate project. No fabrication is needed but I do need the basic design of the control system. Since the aim is to build manned quadrotor, I have very little knowledge about flight controllers and other components involve in fly by wire control system.

My question will be, is it possible in any way Pixhawk 2.1 is good enough to deal with big scale and heavy quadrotor? How do I prove that it could be sensitive enough to respond and control the motors as big moment of inertia coming from the propellers is present during flight. If any of above is possible, can I integrate helicopter simulator flight controls (collective, cyclic, pedals) with Pixhawk and through what interface do they connect with each other?

I’m totally open to any alternative suggestions. I really do need clear answers coz I have only couple months left till the deadline.

Thank you in advance.