Seeking Recommendations for Affordable, Tested Obstacle Avoidance Sensors for Pix32 v6

Hello Pixhawk Community,

I hope everyone is doing well. I’m reaching out to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of this community regarding obstacle avoidance sensors compatible with the Pix32 v6 flight controller.

I am in the process of enhancing my UAV setup, particularly focusing on improving its obstacle avoidance capabilities. To this end, I am searching for affordable yet reliable sensors that are known to work well with the Pix32 v6.

My main criteria are cost-effectiveness and proven compatibility. I am interested in sensors that have been tested and validated by members of this community or are otherwise known to integrate seamlessly with the Pix32 v6.

Additionally, I would appreciate any insights into specific setup configurations or tips that could help in optimizing the performance of these sensors with the Pix32 v6.

If you have recommendations or experiences to share regarding such sensors, please let me know. Any information about the sensors you’ve successfully used, including model names, setup advice, or potential pitfalls to avoid, would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and for sharing your valuable insights. I am looking forward to learning from your experiences and contributing back to this community with my findings.

Best regards.