Search and Rescue Quad - Please help a noob!

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the ecosystem and am needing some help getting a quad mission-ready asap. I understand that there’s probably ample documentation for all of my questions, but we had a change of plans with equipment and I don’t have time to research everything before we head out for a search, unfortunately.

We’re running a Cube Orange w/ an original Herelink RC. My first question is about camera triggering. We have a basic Sony Multiport relay, but can you walk us through how to set things up and get the parameters set correctly (using QGC)?

We’re also hoping to supply camera power to 2 cameras from the main flight battery. We bought XT60 adapters that give us 5v outputs from the flight battery, but is it possible to power the cameras directly from the Cube instead? Or at least 1 of them?

Many thanks!

First of all what firmware do you use?
Given that you’ve posted this question on this forum and not the ArduPilot forum I assume you have a version of PX - right?
If so I can’t be of much help as I’m working with ArduPilot on my system. - Hopefully someone else on here might help you instead.

Powering anything from your Flight-Controller is a bad idea as those are not made for that and would also increase risk of interference.
Using a relay is also bad as they often cause a voltage spike. Use electronic switch instead or depending on camera.
Here is a basic homemade solution using a transistor

More info here:

→ Just noticed you’ve already received an answer on the ArduPilot forum. Will stop replying to this post.

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your reply. I posted here because I find it confusing as a newcomer to understand the relationship between these different platforms - just looking for maximum visibility so we can get pointed in the right direction asap.

We bought a used quad that was already setup with a Cube Orange and Herelink RC. Not sure which version of QGC is running on the Herelink, but I’ll find out. As far as AP or PX4, I would assume AP, but I don’t know. QGC and Solex are installed on the RC.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to source another trigger. This is the one we have: Make Fly Easy MFE Believer - Sony Camera Trigger Relay 40cm - Fixed-Wing from 3DXR UK

Thanks for helping.

To power the 2 cameras from the flight battery, this is what we originally bought:

One of these:

Two of these:

Any thoughts on this setup? Even if a DIY solution can be made better, we just needed something to get by with for a few weeks.

Just connect a USB cable to FC and computer and then start QGC. This should connect straight away and you can then check what firmware it has got. (AP or Px4)

Yes, you can work with something like that. (Bit excessive on weight but should be OK)