SBUS Error “Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels”

Hy, i have a pixhawk 4, frysky RX6R reciever and a taranis QX7 transmitter. I have this setup for about half a year and suddenly the Sbus in is not working anymore. I reflashed the firmware and am not able to recieve any control signals.

I’m using the RX6R normal mode, connected the telem2 port of the pixhawk 4 with the smartport on the RX6R and the sbus of the pixhawk 4 with the RX6R. The QX7 and RX6R are binded using ACCESS.

When using the servo output headers on the RX6R controls work fine. The telemetry from the PX4 to the QX7 also works fine. When rotating the pixhawk, i can see it’s heading change correctly on the QX7’s screen.

I checked the wiring and there’s no break in the wires and both the PCB’s look fine in that area.

anyone who could help me?


hello flash the receiver firmware

I have updated my Receiver the problem is still there.

Receiver must be in SBUS mode.Take a look at this maybe :

“SBUS/CPPM output (BLUE LED stay lit indicates R-XSR in SBUS mode, otherwise in CPPM mode)
How to switch SBUS and CPPM signal: Long press the F/S button on the receiver for 4 seconds, the BLUE LED will flash three times, indicating the switch is completed”

Have a good day.