Run MAVROS on Ubuntu in virtual machine and PX4 on MacOS

Hi there,

I am recently trying to set up the simulation environment (PX4+Gazebo+MAVROS) on my new Macbook M1.

What I am currently having are:

  1. PX4 + Gazebo run on my Mac OS smoothly.
  2. MAVROS can run on Ubuntu 20.04 in the virtual machine, Parallels.

The problem I have is how to make them talk to each other? I think it should be reasonable that PX4 sends MAVLink messages through UDP and the MAVROS in Ubuntu should be able to catch them and convert them to the ROS topics.

I guess I didn’t set the IP address correctly when launching MAVROS but I am not an expert on it. Can someone provide me with a solution or a direction I can do some research on how to debug it?

PS: I didn’t run everything in the virtual machine because the simulation in Gazebo was in low frequency while it looks very smooth on macOS. So I am trying to run the simulation on macOS while running ROS on Ubuntu in Parallels.

Many thanks in advance!