RTPS communication and sensor_combined


I am beginning to learn about PX4/ROS2/RTPS stuff and I am facing an issue on the basic microRTPS guide. I am currently using an Ultra96v2 board with ROS2 Foxy and a PX4 Mini Flight Controller. They are connected with a micro-USB cable. I also have built the rtps firmware and I can access the console through the python script mavlink_shell or QGroundControl.

I am trying to run the sensor_combined_Subscriber application while the Agent and Client are running but it seems that it’s printing nothing. Furthermore, when I stop the Agent side, it says that it has received messages. However, on the Client side, nothing have been received.

I wanted to try the UART port Telem4 on the PX4 Mini, but it seems that the board doesn’t recognize it as a tty path. Furthermore, I have checked on PuTTY that both micro-USB (ttyACM0) and Telem4 (ttyS3) are sending data (always symbols, even when the baudrate are set the same on both sides).

Has anyone got some ideas on this matter ?

i have the same problem,do you have solved the problem?