RTPS over UART: can't sub to topics

Good morning everyone

I am trying to create a RTPS communication link between my Pixracer and my Rpi.
These two are connected physically with a USB to UART connection. For the moment I managed to create communication between these two sides, the topics are created successfully and the messages are exchanged as well.
Still, on agent side (Rpi), even if the messages arrive, I cannot subscribe to them (they seem to be empty).

Here the versions of the packets I use:

ROS2: dashing
PX4-Autopilot: 1.11.0
px4_ros_com: latest, adjusted to match Firmware msgs.
px4_msgs: the one matching Firmware msgs.
Fast-RTPS: 1.8.4
Fastrtpsgen: 1.0.4

Here an output example when I start the Agent, and then I stop it after a min:

--- MicroRTPS Agent ---
[   micrortps_agent   ]	Starting link...
[   micrortps_agent   ]	UART transport: device: /dev/ttyUSB0; baudrate: 460800; sleep: 1us; poll: 1ms; flow_control: No
---   Subscribers   ---
- Timesync subscriber started

----   Publishers  ----
- BatteryStatus publisher started
- Timesync publisher started
- VehicleControlMode publisher started
- VehicleGpsPosition publisher started
- VehicleLandDetected publisher started
- VehicleOdometry publisher started
^C[   micrortps_agent   ]	Interrupt signal (2) received.
[ micrortps_transport ]	Closed UART.
[   micrortps_agent   ]	SENT:     522messages 	- 26100bytes
[   micrortps_agent   ]	RECEIVED: 10659messages 	- 2063346bytes; 39417 LOOPS - 52.401 seconds - 39.38KB/s

As you can see, the messages are exchanged successfully.
Still, if I try something like:

ros2 topic echo /VehicleControlMode_PubSubTopic

on another terminal, I get no output and on the Agent terminal it does not appear “VehicleControlMode matched”, as it does normally on SITL.

Any tips?
Thanks in advance

I am connected to the drone with SSH over the same LAN.
If I try to issue the echo command on a generic workspace on my laptop, the topic matches and I see the data being print on the terminal.
May the SSH connection be the cause? I don’t get why the Agent doesn’t accept subs from Rpi side, but instead he listens over SSH for matching subs…

Never mind.
I had problems in my ROS2 workspace.
A clean install solved the issue, now the bridge is working.