RTL Mode Drifting away with wind for FW

Hi there,

Today I tried testing out my Pixhawk 4 running PX4 with QGC on a fixed wing aircraft, and my main focus was the RTL mode. The mode seemed to work well when I was at low altitudes, but when I was at higher altitudes in the higher winds, the plane continued to drift away while in RTL mode, and I had to override it in order for the plane not to fly away. After manually helping the plane get turned around and facing back into the wind, I would switch the plane back into RTL mode and it would descend and land just fine. My RTL type is to first carry out a mission landing if defined (which I had defined during the flight), and if no mission landing is defined, then return home and land. I have the flight log of my most obvious “drifting away” flight, but not sure where/how to upload it for you to see. Please explain why this may be happening. Possibly too high of winds? Parameters not set right?

Thank you in advance!