ROS PX4_GAZEBO QGC Simulation - Cannot restart a completed mission in QGC without closing down all terminal- Mission failure to load

i get the following errors in UBUNTU v20.0.4 during ROS launch with PX4_SITLGazebo and uploading mission in QGC …
In PX4_SITL_GAZEBO terminal, i get RTT too high for time sync in PX4-SITL_Gazebo launch. ----In ROS terminal PositiontargetGlobal failed because no origin However when drone reaches a particular waypoint, it reads the waypoint number correctly--------
The last error is regarding " mission failure to load error" while re-launching inside QGC after completing the first mission . error Time jump detected. Resynchronizing Video link of the errors during simulation below ROS PX4 SITL GAZEBO MAVROS Review - YouTube

Is this an issue with ROS 1 where the mission cannot be launched again the second time after landing on the first instance without exiting and starting all over again. The whole simulation was done on a local host on same computer. All mission plans were created and executed from QGC