Roll/Pitch/Yaw angles indication wrong in FW mode (firmware 1.10.1)

I am using “VTOL Duo Tailsitter” (Caipiroshka) successfully for a “simple flat plate wing” (90cm x 50cm), the entire mission in auto-mode (MR-takeoff, transition, FW-flight, back-transition, MR-landing) works nearly perfectly!
BUT: the aircraft angles (PITCH/ROLL/HEADING) are only displayed correctly in MR-mode. When in FW-mode, the angles still refer to the MR-body frame. E.G. in FW-mode, the PITCH-angle is indicated as -90° instead of 0°. This aplies both to the numerical value on the screen as well as for the artificial horizon (as shown in QGroundControl). According to older posts, this error should have been eliminated already for the last firmware upgrade but apparently I am still seeing it. Thanks for your help!

Pitch/heading not changing for VTOL MR/FW modes

Hi Sven, same problem here, and this is impacting FPV OSD as well

This seems to be resolved in the v1.11 version, please see here:

Screenshot from 2020-07-20 13-52-31

Hi, I just tested the 1.11.0 beta 2 and the issue seems to be still there

@gpoli Can you try the latest version of qgc + the latest version of flight control firmware?
I also encountered the same problem, but I suspect it is because I am using qgcv3.5.6