Erratic/random heading setpoint when transitioning from FW mode to MC mode for Duo Tailsitter VTOL in mission mode

My VTOL Duo Tailsitter (PX4, fw 1.10.2) performs a smooth back-transition from manual FW-mode to manual MR mode. But when in autonomous-mission mode, the wing executes a weird and quite uncontrolled rotation around the FW-roll-axis (MR-yaw-axis) when transitioning from FW to MR. It looks like some random yaw setpoint is set what doesn’t make sense. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

@sven I have been working on v1.11. For v1.10.2, the following code shows how the yaw set angle is transmitted in transition mode .

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I suggest you use v1.11, it may solve many v1.10 problems

Thank you very much xdwgood for letting me know where that part of the transition happens, I appreciate your help! I will try to understand what happens here and I will flash 1.11 and give it a try next time at the airfield!