Roll Angle and Rate are very off (inexperienced user)


I am currently working on a project with my team and we are using an HQuad 500 kit by LynxMotion. We have four 935kV motors hooked up to 30A ESCs by Hobbypower. We are using a pixhawk flight controller and the only thing onboard the drone at the moment are the motors, fc, escs, power management board, battery and receiver.

During liftoff with the transmitter, we are consistently seeing the drone flip on itself. The side it flips on is not very consistent but it is consistently rolling. I have an image of the log below and was wondering if anyone can help us diagnose what this exactly means. I know it isn’t good and suspect the PIDs but am not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Forgot to add that this is in attempt at a maiden flight. She has yet to fly well :frowning: