Robot cybersecurity, a review

Hello everyone,

Happy to share the postprint version of an article accepted at the International Journal of Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations: robot cybersecurity, a review. This work was supported by Alias Robotics and allowed me to reflect on the last few years of robot cybersecurity research while answering the following questions: what’s the status of cybersecurity in robotics? and, how can we best improve the cyber-resillience of robots?

Of course, data also included a survey conducted in this community itself (thanks to all those that participated and gave their views :call_me_hand: ).

The status of the field is considered using three sources of data: 1) recent literature, 2) questionnaires performed in top robotics forums conducted over multiple years and 3) recent offensive research results in robot cybersecurity. Various observations are made based on the data. Concerning PX4, the following might be interesting to you all:

Both the PX4 and the ROS communities indicated that the majority is yet to witness a cyber-attack. In the ROS community only one out of ten respondents (9%) had seen it whereas in the PX4 group, approximately one out of four (27%).

Enjoy the read!