Cyber security in PX4, survey and input

Dear everyone,

I’d like to launch a poll to inquire on the cyber security requirements, opinions and desires of community members with regard PX4 Autopilot (including the flight stack, drivers and associated tooling). Poll is rather short (about 3 minutes) and a complement to the upcoming speech on cyber security at the Summit this year

Please contribute filling the survey at

For those that care (or wonder), shortly, the data will be consumed to reason on how teams of security defenders like mine at Alias Robotics will:

  • a) sample the interest and concerns on cyber security within PX4 (which will hopefully empower us to further dedicate resources) and
  • b) receive input on how to steer our efforts to extend our existing Robot Immune System (RIS) for drones. In a nutshell, RIS is a solution for operators that provides proactive defenses and cyber security means.

In addition, if requested, I’d also be happy to share anonymously results and work with community managers (ping @rroche and @LorenzMeier, among others) and to filter/publish this data for wider availability.

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I think the form needs updated permissions

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Thanks @rroche! Should be fixed now.

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Slides of the presentation are available at

Feel free to write in here or PM me for any questions. Also, kindly and annoyingly, please help us understand your security concerns by filling