Auto.Land not performing well

We use a companion computer and Offboard mode to steer a multicopter indoors using mainly visual odometry.

For landing we want to make use of the Auto.Land mode the FCU provides.

The landing approach look good, but once the copter is close to the ground it often drifts away (ground effect?) or the copter lands but then decides to apply more thrust again resulting in a tipping or even lift off instead of disarming.

I followed the Land Detector Configuration guide, setting the parameters:


But landing still is very inconsistent and not satisfying.

Are there any other factors/parameters that play a role during the landing?
Would you suggest a different approach to Auto.Land?


Hi, same behavior using 1.8.0, when the drone touches the ground after a second it “jumps” back in the air and hovers closely above ground.

I tried to use different values of MPC_THR_HOVER (32%, it’s a racer drone), MPC_THR_MIN (5%), LNDMC_THR_RANGE (from 5% to 20%) but without any relevant results.