Reposition command rejected, px4_sitl_gazebo

I have configured to run px4_sitl_gazebo simulation with my quadcopter model. I open Qgroundcontrol parallely and command quadcopter to move to a point on map.
It give error “reposition command rejected” and “no local position” in px4_sitl terminal.
The quadcopter is taking off properly and stable hovering. The error comes when i try to move it in xy plane.
Please suggest me what could be the error. I am using px4 firmware version 1.10(stable), Gazebo9 and mavlink2.0. I could see that sensors are reading data properly in mavlink inspector in Qgroundcontrol.
Please help me out and ask if any other information needed.

“no local position” would mean that there is no position estimate? Have you changed anything for the simulation setup? If not, can you share a log with that on

hello @JulianOes The position estimator used is ekf2 that i can see when i see any simulation log on the link you suggested.
I have also checked local position (x,y,z) in mavlink inspector in qgc. What i saw is that there is local position estimates but no global position.
My question is that the error appears only when i command my model to move to another point from qgc. Hovering of the model is working fine.
I have simulated the whole thing, i.e. takeoff(commander takeoff) and chosen a point on map in QGC, the error “reposition command rejected” appear. The link of the shared flight log is
The terminal screenshot having the said error is

Were you able to fix this in the meantime? Which simulation model are you using?

hello @JulianOes I am using iris quadcopter but modified its weight, inertia and motor KV according to my own quadcopter.
I am still figuring it out where the problem is.

I would try to debug it in the commander module where the printf “Reposition command rejected” is produced.

@JulianOes, what i observed is that, the models that i edited according to my custom model are throwing “reposition command rejected” error. Other models that have not been touched are working fine and moving to position pointed by user in QGC map.