Redundant RC Backup

We’re looking to setup a backup RC connection. We already use the RCin port for our main receiver and transmitter that runs on 900 MHz (Non-Fr Sky). We’d like to setup a separate Fr Sky receiver running on 2.4 GHz.

Main Question - how could we setup a backup or redundant RC control using PX4

Here is our solution so far:
We are flying an orange cube autopilot, and the problem is, most of the ports are already taken. Here are the ports that are currently available: ADC (can’t use that for rc control), CAN1, CAN2, SPKT.

The solution we’ve come up with would be to use the SPKT port with our Fr Sky Receiver. This port is already a receiver port and we custom made a cable to connect the Fr Sky Receiver to the SPKT port.

Question - Is there a way that we could configure the SPKT port to use an Fr Sky receiver?

Any other input to this topic would be helpful.

I was given the suggestion in the PX4 Slack that Fr Sky Receivers can already be setup as redundant. We were able to use the Fr Sky Receiver as the primary and our other system as a backup through SBus and it worked great!