Redundant IMU on PX4

Hi all,

Today our development team suffere dual drone crash due to IMU failure.
One drone crashed a few seconds after take off on guided mode and the other one crashed on position hold mode. Both drone crashed spining one side and then tip over.
At first we thought these crash was due to GPS signal loss but the log says differently.
In the log file, we found both accelerometer and gyro data looked as if they were low pass filtered which means the sensor may not working properly. Sorry about no data is attached here.

We are now deeply concerned about preventing IMU failure because there was no clue whether the sensor is working correctly on the ground. Maybe this kind of error is only preventable by dual or triple IMUs on PX4.
So I am asking if PX4 can have dual or even tripple sensor sets.
Do you think it is possible?


Which autopilot hardware? The pixhawk has two gyros + accel. The pixhawk 2 has three. Could you share the log?


I tried to upload the log file but the system doesn’t recognize both .bin and .log file.
Maybe the log is created from APM and the system doesn’t support Mission planner?
Instead I upload the file here as different file extension. Change the ext as .bin yourself.
Crash_36.ppt (184 KB)

Hi Kyuhyong_You,
Your topic is very interesting for me. I would know how did you solve the issue. In particular, regarding this problem, do you know if it is possible to make redundant the flight controller (Pixhawk)? In my opinion, gyroscope, compass, GPS redundancy is not the same (and extremely weaker) of flight controller redundancy respect to flight security for aviation safety standards. Do you know if there exists some documentation for the implementation of such solution?
Thank you so much